Monday, August 29, 2011

And here we go again.

We will now be updating our blog once again because as of last Wednesday, we have another missionary in the field. So we will post his letters each week.

hello everyone!

I am dong good. A lot of what went on in the first day I sent in a letter so I hope you got that. The first couple of days sucked. I have to admit they have us gong every second of the day and there is no time to even think straight. You have a schedule for every minute so no lollygagging around in the MTC. It has definitely been a learning experience for me.
My companion is Elder Rawling from California. He is a good guy. We get along pretty well and we are both willing to work hard so when we have the opportunity to do so we do. He is a lot better at Portuguese than me because he took 3 years of Spanish so he has a head start along with everyone else in my district. There are 12 of us. They all have some kind of background in Spanish and then there is me... with nothing but a tiny bit if French so I am deffinatly; well ill be honest the worst in the district at the language but they enjoy me making mistakes. I am able to keep everyone laughing so im good for something around here lol. I have learned a lot as I said in the letter. the teacher speaks no English at all and its three hour class in a tiny room and super hot and sweaty and pretty stinky lol after about two and a half hours of class I really start to mentally check out because its at the end of the day and my brain is being stuffed full of everything. I have learned how to introduce myself, say a little prayer and I am pretty good at testifying in Portuguese but still have a ton to learn.
the days are so long here its amazing. By the time noon rolls around you feel like you have already done a days work. But its only begun. Sunday is when it really turned the corner for me. Time started to go by faster and I was able to relax a little because I am familiar with everything going on. Sunday was amazing the best Sunday I have ever had. it was so spiritually intense! for the first time I was able to personally read my scriptures which hasn't happened since I got here because I was to busy trying to get lessons ready and talks. But when I finally was able to read them it was awesome! The scriptures have really opened up to me. things make sense that never have before when I read them. In here its so much easier to really imagine and see the story and to believe what's in them. It's so amazing the way the spirit is able to do that, especially for me! oh and I even joined the MTC choir!!!! lol I thought it would be fun so I convinced two other elders from my district to join me; Elder Hogg and Elder Harston which was fun lol. The conductor not only thought us a song but he incorporated it with the scriptures it was so good the spirit was so strong and the conductor was able to tell the story of Abraham and I was able to realize things that I hadn't before!
Reading the scriptures and hearing the lessons of them is now like I knew them personally. The spirit here has really worked on me haha I hope I didn't steal from someone else... Sacrament meeting was fun lol. some Elders gave there talks in Portuguese so I had no idea what was said and the sacrament prayer was also said in Portuguese so good thing I know what it says lol but how they give talks is after the sacrament the mission pres gets up and says two names and if your name gets called then you have to go straight up and give your talk so everyone has to prepare a talk every Sunday haha its not bad though it doesn't have to be long. Oh Elder Rawling and I taught an investigator on our third day here! in Portuguese!!! knowing almost nothing it went, well... horrible lol Elder Rawling did really good considering the situation but I was only able to say a tiny bit lol it was so crazy. she said things and I just starred at her like she was speaking another language! lol I cant wait for the day I can understand and speak some real Portuguese. the first nights I didn't sleep well at all no surprise there. And as for the food... its not to bad taste wise but it does tear up your insides for sure lets just say my best friend is the toilet lol and yes gas is always a problem haha. I still haven't heard anything from madi she has probably forgotten all about me and moved on already. Looking out the MTC and seeing the real world is really weird. I have to admit its like its so far away idk how to explain it but it is weird for sure.
Today we got to go to the temple and it was really cool with all the missionaries I love being in the temple, its really relaxing. OH!! I saw Elder Augie Rife here!! the first day! lol at dinner and I get to see him everyday. His classroom is just on the other side of the building of mine so we see each other a lot but he leaves tomorrow so that sucks and he has been able to really help me. I had a really bad day Saturday and I just sat and talked to him for a little and he helped a ton. I miss you guys a ton. WRITE ALL YOU WANT ON DEARELDER.COM I love getting mail! Only what you have sent is what ive got. Write everyday if you want. I gotta go. I love you all so much have a great week I love you!!

Love Elder Novakovich
its weird im an elder