Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mission Update

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!I'm leavin to a place called Fredricton New Brunswick!! it's nice, or so I hear. It's split into two areas, so I'm going to be around Elder Burbank who is in Fredricton south. I'm in the North with Elder Fish. He is going home in six weeks so I get to finish off two missionaries in a row. oh and i don't know if i mentioned it but Fredricton North is a Zone Leader area. yup they made me a ZL. I'm so excited. they get to have a lot of fun and go to zone councils in Dartmouth and all kinds of stuff. i'm pretty pumped. anyways,the work in St. John's picked up in the last week, so that was nice. I have realized that all i can do is work hard. the rest is up to the Lord and he knows what is best. plus success isn't in baptisms all the time. so i have choked that pill down lately. it is amazing how much i feel i have grown up and matured out here. i guess sometimes the Lord has ideas for the man he needs ME to be. i love being a missionary.yeah Elder Holmes goes home to Seattle on Sunday. His parents are picking him up Friday, then they are going to come to Fredricton to take me and elder fish out to dinner. Elder Holmes served with both of us so that is the reason for that. but he is excited and i'm excited for him. the only bummer is his girl dear johned him and is married now. so that sucks. that is great that the baptism went well. I can't believe it has been a year since i graduated. that is nuts the time is flyin. i just remembered that i hit 9 months today!!! party for me. not really. but things are going well for me. i'm just super excited to get out of here and start a new part of my mission. at the end of next transfer i will be at a year. time is going so fast.I emailed jaren but i guess he hasn't gotten them i will send all the past weeks emails to him this week in hopes he gets them. tell him sorry.that is good that the weather is good there. not here though. still cold and nasty. i miss goin out on the boat when we drive by lakes my heart sinks a little bit. but soon enough i guess. it sounds like all is going well,and good thing painting is going well. I'm glad i'm a novakovich. oh and i'm not going to get any letters that haven't gottten to me by today mom. tell her sorry, they might get it to me. but it is now up to the new missionaries to get it to the ap's and them to get it to me. lol. we will see...well i hope all continues to go well and you all continue to do well in your endevours. i love you all Elder Nick Novakovich

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missionary Mail

mom and dad-
So first of all, I need you to tell people to not mail anything to my current Address, because I did talk to president and told him I want the heck out of here and he understood so he is going to look at it and see what he can do. He is funny. He just laughed and said "elder i don't blame you. 4 1/2 months here is a looooong time. lol." he is so sweet i'm sad to see him go. we had our farewell conference for them saturday. I'm kinda anxious to see what the new guy will be like. but life here right now is really slow. we have no one to teach although we have met a few cool people with some potential lately. so we will see where that goes. i'm tryin to have faith...So you guys have no room to complain about the weather. why you might ask? well it is rainy fogy windy and 6 degrees here today!!!!!!!!!so yes that would be about 45 farenheit. honestly i don't know how fond of newfoundland i is beautiful but as a missionary i really can't stand it. lol. i'm ready to leave. That really sucks that work is going so crappy. when i get home i will work for ya for a bit. i need the money. lol. that is good that the mariners are doing somewhat better. i still don't know how they will fair in the long run. hopefully they do decent so they can carry it into next year. the high school baseball team, well i didn't expect much from them. if you thought my team was bad, they are only getting worse. lol. well life is going well here. i'm growing and keeping a positive attitude, or at least trying. still workin hard. its tough my companion is done. he is ready to go home so i have to drag him around. it really is just a hard situation for me at this point. i don't like the area my comp is trunky but when we push through the hard times we always, your son,
Elder Nick Novakovich