Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The girls

Nikki's marathon

Nikki took the oportunity last weekend to run a half marathon. She finished under her goal time and also ran the whole way. She did a great job and the whole family was excited she did so well. It was a beautiful course along the Spokane River on the Centennial Bike Trail. So anyone that wants to join her next year, this is the race to run.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We have been without the use of my camera since I tried to attach a new Canon battery grip to it and it fried the circuitry. So we have not been able to post any pics. But here are some random ones from the cheapo camera I have been forced to use while mine is back in California in surgery.

Redneck Gazebo

We like to fancy ourselves as living in the country. As such, we have gone ahead and purchased ourselves one of those new fangled, state of the art, better than if you'd done made it yourself, gazebos. We set it up for Darbi's B-day party. We also set up the badmitton net but it seems like someone took it upon themselves to tear it down. We are looking for suspects.

I'm just big boned.

Carli has been going through the bones like crazy so Nikki got her something that might take her longer than a day to work through. Later on, Boomer thought he would give it a go.