Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mission Mail

hey mom and dad-well this week was the start of an extremely busy week. we have three weeks left in this transfer and have a bunch of exchanges to go on and then meetings we get to go to. our mission tour is the first week in october. Elder Maines is coming to visit us. so it should be exciting but way busy. it will be good though, i'd rather be busy than not have much to do. the work in our area is giong well, we are trying to work as hard as we can when we get a day or two in our area. it is going well though. Both the kids told me that missoula was a success. that is so cool that jaren did so well. darbi sounds a little stressed out with it all and not doing so well as she would like. i tried to give her some encouraging words. but i don't know if it will hlep or not. i hope it does. they all sound like they are doing really well right now which is great to hear. I will keep work in my prayers, i know things will work out. but i understand taht it is nice to know you have work to do. i'll keep prayin for ya. that is great though that things are workin out with getting the house all done up. ibet it looks great. as for transfers, we have 3 weeks left in this one. and i honestly have no idea if i will be moving or not. i have a few places i would like to go, but i would also really liek to stay in fredericton. i have a feeling that if i don't go this transfer i will be in Fredericton for a long time, which isn't too bad i guess. mom, i forgot to tell you a while ago, that book of mormon that you sent me was my favorit thing you sent. i thought that was way cool i have it in my drawer. and we have these little cards with a pic of us as a missionary on them for a place to put our testimonies in when we give out our BOM. so i put one of those in the one yo ugave me. it is pretty cool. i would be pretty excited to hear from bro. Gilson, he is the man. tell him i said hi. i'm so stoked for general conference. and we are just going to our building. we don't really have a big stake gathering. our stake is like most of New brunswick so it is hard for them all to travel that far. we just get it in all of the buildings. in fact our stake goes into maine. the church is really small here, and not diong really well. but we are hoping to make things better. i love general conference though, it is so sweet. i have found a new love for it since i have been on my mission. it is pretty cool stuff. i just sometimes cannot believe how blessed we are to live in the times of the fulness of the gospel...well i love you all and pray for you daily. keep up the good work. i love you./Elder Nick Novakovich

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Letter

dad and mom-so everyone and their dog must have a corn feed. cause we had one too. lol. ours was not too good though, rather boring. that is so sweet though that that elder ended up coming to our area and actaully remembering me, man i forgot about him. but i remember talking to him. man, that is crazy. it is nuts too that i'm almost to a year. pretty nuts. i'm stoked. that is crazy that bishop had a heart attack. good thing he is o.k. though. it is just sad that sometimes that is waht it takes for us to realize we need to prioritize our lifes a little bit. I did hear about BYU. and i don't know if i would get my hopes up, they always find a way to but it would be cool. you should go to that game though, that would be way fun. i just wish i could go as well. that is funny that you guys didn't like pig out in the park. i loved that!!!! i even thought about it the other day and wished i could go. ry and i loved going to that. and mom as for what ry did for me for my bday, i'm not sure yet, she sent a package to me the other day so i will find out soon. i'm pretty excited. and that is good that you all got you cards. i thought they were all pretty funny. Hopefully work continues to go well for you dad. and that would be nice to learn new things so you can do that stuff. so are people still losing their jobs like crazy? Keep paying tithing and praying is all i can say. That is good that the kids started school off well. it started yesterday here. the weather is terrible mom yo have no room to talk. we are in the 10-15 range every day. it is getting cold. we all predicted snow in a couple of weeks. so yeah, you can enjoy spokane mom. lol. as for the questions you asked me dad, we did have zone conferene a couple weeks ago, it was so sweet. i did have to speak on being exactly obedient, and then i gave a training yesterday in the district meetings. tryin to motivate some elders. we have zone council coming up in the end of september which i am super stoked for!!!!!! it is a blast. and way spiritual. there are about 90 people that come to church every week. so big for atlantic canada right now. we are teaching a few people. a part member family and then a young college kid that we are going to teach tonight. so things are getting better, slowly. but i have set new goals for myself and re evaluated my mission for myself. i feel pretty confident that i can work to accomplish my major goal for myself, which is to baptize two times a month for the rest of my mission. so 24 people before i come home. that is my minimum, so i'm prayin hard and workin hard and lovin the people here. well i hope that is good for now. i love you all and keep you in my prayers. Love Elder Nick Novakovich

Wednesday, September 9, 2009