Wednesday, April 21, 2010

22nd Anniversary

Nikki and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary yesterday. We decided it would be fun to use our backyard a little more effectively so we decided to put in a deck and place the gazebo on it. So here are pictures of the progress after day 3. I hope to have it done by day 75.

The choice was to use this spot for a garden and have the added chore of weeding, planting, picking, and the such, or to use that money to build something where you can sit around and watch your neighbors work hard. Then, with the added height of the deck, it makes it easier to jump the fence and steal their harvest. Just saying.

We did hear from the missionary this week and he is doing well. He is hoping to go back to yarmouth (his first area) to end his mission. He would be transferred there in May if that ends up being the case. Hard to believe he only has 5 months left. He is finally teaching a few people who are scheduled to be baptized in May so we are hoping and praying for his success.
Jaren and Darbi are both in the midst of running track. They both run distance but occasionlly dabble in the 800. Jaren has been happy with his mile times at around 4:45. He is doing great. Darbi is deciding whether she likes the 3200 or the 800 better.
Zoe continues to be a voracious reader. She averages about a book a week. I have told her continually that books will rot your mind and to watch more TV, but she hasn't listened yet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mission News

mom and dad-

Hey, those were quite the emails this week, both of you wrote novels to me!! oh well i enjoyed knowing so much about what is going on back home. sounds like things are going really well. i feel i must update you on some of the happenings here lately, since you fasted and such. we got a lady named Grace committed to be baptized on may the 1, so that is two in may and then another girl is wanting to be baptized on June 12!! so things have been going really well. thank you for all of your prayers and fasting. it really helps out a lot. things have been going really well for me, and i'm happy. i did get my easter box, thank you. I have been enjoying the candy and toys. i won't lie i've been trying to go easy on the candy because i have gained a bit of weight on my mission, and if i'm going to have any shot with the ladies when i get home i better lose it eh? lol. but i do appreciate it. Dad tell grandpa i don't think he is cheap, i have been so surprised and grateful that he sends money to me. tell him it is not necessary for him to send it, i am grateful for all he has done for me already. if anything i should feel bad that i have not written him back yet. i have been so busy, i have not even found time to write in my journal which i regret a ton. i make notes in my planner though so i know the important things to write in there. i tried to do some catching up this morning. and i did a pretty good job. as for hearing from other missionaries from our ward, i usually only hear from Elders Berezay and Chapman. we keep in touch, but the rest of them we have not. Elder Anderson and I communicate about once a month through email. so that is good. The weather here has not been too great lately. really cold and humid so that sucks big time. it's 3 degrees right now. but at least it has been sunny, my face told me so last night when it was a little tender. so i guess i better bust out the sunscreen now eh? Dad, why did you have to tell me about the freaking Mariners!!!! I heard they were supposed to be good this year! they never cease to break my heart. I was hearing that they could give the Angels a run for their money in winning the AL West. dirt bags!!! But i can't abandon them yet, maybe they will pick it up. we can always hope eh? anyways, i better go, you are probably thinking of some questions i have not answered in this email, so i'm sorry. oh and thanks dad for not having me play match maker for carli and porter, that is straight up wrong on so many levels. lol. i hope you have fun with that. have a great week. i love you all and pray for you daily.

your son,
elder nick novakovich