Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is my new friend zippy. She didn't like it at first but by the end she was running and jumping off the platforms.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hanging 10

Weekly letter from Elder Nick

well, i honestly do not know how i picked all of those games correctly. but i must admit i laughed so hard when i found out that i had done that. the funny thing is i don't even remember who i picked to do what. cause you can't see your bracket online and i didn't write anything down. so i don't know how i can keep track. it was funny we were knocking the other night and a guy had a game on and i had to try my hardest to not watch. just seeing it made me trunky. so i was a little bummed. i just try not to think about what is going on at home. i do miss havin fun with you and jaren though, during march madness. trash talk was the best and just chillin with you both. the funniest times were the close games when you and i were pullin for opposite teams. i was laughin the other day because i remembered that year i skipped school to watch the tourney. man the good ol' days. but hey i will be at home to enjoy these things soon enough.

The work is going pretty well. just missionary work. nothin too exciting. oh wait. yes there is. we had a baptism last night!!!! it was a lady named Nicole. she had been meeting with missionarys for a year, but was living with her boyfriend and so she could not be baptized. well on sunday she showed up to church and told us they broke up and wants to be baptized asap. so we did it last night. it was so cool. i got to stand in on my first confirmation. what an amazing feeling that was. i just sat and pondered during the service. and i thought about how this was a blessing to us, because we set a goal of having one baptism this transfer, and last night was the last day of the transfer. so we achieved our goal. it was hard work though, but it payed off. i do love what i am doing and would not trade it for anything. it looks like i will be in St. John's for another month and a half. so that is good, i love it here and we are fed like kings.the weather here is annoying, we are still getting snow and hovering around 0. but i would much rather that over the heat. that is good that work is going well. no doubt a blessing from the Lord to have good jobs during these times. i also pray that our family is looked out for and you guys get the things you stand in need of. and it sounds like prayers have been answered on your end. that is good. Well, it is so great to hear from you dad. i miss you a lot and love you even more. i have really grown to love all of the family so much more. it is crazy because i'm on the other side of the continent. but i love yo uso much!! I can't wait to spend all the good times together again. i was thinking about when we would go to the grocery store jobs and you and i just got to chill. that was great. i love you so much dad, thank you for your example and all that you have done for me and are doing for me. i love you.Love Your son,Elder Nick Novakovich.aka. king of march madness sucka!!!!!!!love ya pops.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Hawaii pictures


We had a couple of wonderful weeks in Hawaii. The weather did not cooperate very much but Nikki did manage to find some rest and relaxation.