Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nikki's Velveteen Carli

You have seen pictures of our little dog before, but have you seen her lately?

In November on 2008 Mike and Jaren drove to Preston Idaho to pick up our little treasure. And that she was. At just 8 weeks old she was so cute and timid and cuddly and soft and sweet and loveable and LITTLE!!!

Well now it is October of 2009 and now she is NOT SO LITTLE anymore. What happened to my little Carli?

Now my Carli is just...well see for yourself!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Missionary News

mom and dad-it might be cold there, but maybe i can interest you with some snow???? yup you got it. it snowed last night. winter is here. yeah, i have most of my snow stuff, but i need boots. but they are so expensive it is dumb. i found some nice ones for about 125, but i don't know. i might just tough it for the last winter. what do you think. anyways, i'm really exited right now!!!!!!!!! last night we had a stellar lesson with Lorn and he wants to be baptized a week from today!!! yup my first one, found him, taught him, and we are baptizing him. i'm so stoked, it is like no feeling in the world to bring the gospel to someone. a true truth seeker!!!! I know it is all a blessing from my Father in Heaven though, i make sure to thank him every night for being able to take part in this miracle. so next wednesday, our ward mission leader is going to baptize him. i'm so stoked!!! he is an amazing kid. another cool story or testimony builder for me was last night he told me he wished he would have done the date that we tried for originally which was the 10th of october. so goes to show as missionaries we are inspired even though it wasn't some grand revelation. it is amazing how the Lord works by small and simple things. but what matters is he is being baptized!!! wahoooooo.Other than that things are going well here. it is cold, but things still move along. we are working really hard and trying to do our best. the mission tour was amazing, basically we just had Elder Maynes(a seventy) come and talk to us. i got to have one extra meeting with him since i am a zone leader. that was fun. he just trained us and taught us how to be better servants of the Lord. I really love it out here. it is so cool. time goes by so fast and i get upset cause i want it to slow down. but i know the Lord has more in store for me after. that is amazing about zoe, she is a stud. i still wish i could have learned piano, i plan on just taking it upon myself to get lessons when i get home. tell jaren and darbi good luck with their races. i'm sure they will do amazing. and good luck to both of you on the weight loss. i'm slowly getting fatter and fatter every well lets see, anything else...oh no word on transfers yet. i have no idea really. next week i will though. umm...keelp carli around, i will be mad if she isn't there when i get home mom. i did order that quad so who knows when it will get here. and i will be watching for your letter dad. mail has really really slowed down for me. i get it about once ever two weeks maybe. about one or two a month on average. oh well. it keeps me focused and i don't mind to much. i do want the family to know that i love it out here and there is nothing i would rather do right now. i love serving the Lord, he lives, i know he does. The Book of Mormon was translated by the prophet joseph Smith by the power of God. I know that this work is true and we have the possibility of being a family forever. I find such comfort in knowing i will be with all of you forever. i love you all, and always remember to do your member missionary work. it really helps. have a great,elder nick novakovich

Sunday, October 4, 2009

X-Country 2009

Well the East Valley X-Country season is well under way and Jaren, Darbi and Zoe are right in the thick of things. We are having a great time watching, cheering and running to different parts to the course to encourage the runners. Jaren has an agenda this year due to a lost season last year. Darbi is working close with the coaches to improve on each race and Zoe is proving that she certainly can run.

We have had several meets to date and the kids are having a great time. We travelled to Missoula last weekend and ran the Mountain West Classic. There are about 53 teams involved in the race and our East Valley Boys team too 11th place. They really are working well together as a team this year.

This weekend we went to Yakima to the Sunfair Invitational Meet. This is a fun race. There is a hill that doesn't quit and lots of gradual hills and sharp turns. Both Jaren and Darbi did well in this race. Jaren ended up taking 15th in his flight.