Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Transfer

mom and dad-

Well i did get transfered!! but not to PEI...I am going to a place called Sydney. it is in nova scotia but on an island called Cape Breton. i hear it is nice up there. so i'm excited about it. kinda a weird ride of emotions for me the past few days. i realized how short my time is out here. it all started yesterday when we got transfers. we were up in Dartmouth for meetings. but president pulled me aside and thanked me for my service as a zone leader and told me what he expected of me up in Sydney. I won't be a ZL any more. which was kind of weird. President told me that i will serve with a elder Bain, he is a cool kid. he is from Atlanta Georgia. i have served around him before. but president told me to go serve with him for six weeks then i am going to train a new missionary and then i go home. but i got to thinking about it and it made me choke up a bit. i just didn't like the thought that i go home soon. i love it out here and to be honest, coming home scares me a bit right now. i don't know what is going to happen. kind of a leap of faith really. i know it will work out it is just a big transition. i don't know. my plans right now are to work for the fall and then got to SCC in the winter time. finish my AA and then transfer somewhere. my options right now are Eastern, Whitworth, or BYU. i might look into Oregon, but the big thing for me is where can i go that is cheap. i know whitworth is not cheap but i might try and play baseball. but other than that things are going well for me. i'm excited for this transfer coming up. it is going to make time go by so fast. it will be a change of pace for sure after being a zone leader for an entire year and a bit. but it will be nice to just focus on being in the area and loving the people and doing straight missionary work for 3 months. mom and dad i can't tell you how much i love it out here. this place has become a part of me, i love it so much. i love the people. i love the gospel. and i love testifying to people. I feel like i have grown so much and become a pretty new person. i have learned a lot of valuable lessons and i love to teach people. Teaching is just one of my favorite things to do. i love the scriptures, they are amazing. i just love it all. that is cool that Darren got his mission call. that will be fun for him to be there. i actually watched it on their blog site. so i thought that was cool. but i love you all and hope that things continue to go well for you. i'm excited to tear things up on the wakeboard when i get home. i really want to go atleast once before you put it away for the winter. i don't care how cold it is. sounds like you are all doing really well. mom i got your package so thanks. i love you all so much and can't wait to see you. it is going to fly by, but i'm soaking it up dad. thanks for the advice. love ya.

Elder Nick Novakovich