Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mastiff growth

What a difference two months makes in the life of a mastiff. Carli is now 4 months old and growing like a weed. She is flunking out of puppy kindergarten though cause she wants to wrestle with her best friend Cooper.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Alaska or What?

We woke up this morning to a couple of visitors we haven't had since we left Alaska. Zoe informed us that she has ever seen a moose in the wild. She is so unalaskan.
Do these dogs have a good life or what?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mission man of Canada

so the sweet story for this week is this. we got to go curling this last
friday!! man it was fun, but way hard. they make it look so easy on tv but once
you get out there and are doing it... that is another story. i managed to only
eat it on the ice once. so that was sweet in front of everyone...i did have fun
though, and we have planned to go back with our investigator who does it semi
pro in a week from friday. he is way good.
i told mom about this already, i'm doing much better this week. the hard thing
was i was frustrated with the people not caring about what we had to offer.
ihave just realized taht i can only do so much, i try my hardest to help them
and they have to do the rest with the Lord. so i have just told Heavenly Father
i'm going to do my best work as hard as i possibly can, and the rest is in his
hands. i have faith and trust in him that he will come through, he alwasy does.
so yeah i'm doing 100% better. thank you for your prayers and support.
That is so sad about Bro. Gorman. i don't know if i could handle that. i feel
really bad for Andy. that would be so hard. atleast he does have a good attitude
about it though. he is a good man, i remember going over to their house all the
time. this kind of stuff really does give you a deep gratitude for the knowledge
of the gospel we have. it really makes me want to work harder so i can offer
this to people. that is one thing i have been thinking about is how much comfort
i get from this knowledge and i just want other people to have it. i guess
though that is what had slapped me in the face, was when i put my heart into
wanting to better these peoples lives and they say no, not worth it.
I have discovered that this is going to be a major mental battle. i mean i have
already grown to love these people and to see them wasting time and not coming
to Christ, kills me inside. i read this morning in Alma 13 V. about 27? the
end... it talks about how he wishes they would heed his word. so much so that it
pains him that they don't. i feel the same way. i just wish they could see. but
the Lord knows best and it is up to him, who i prepared and who isn't, not me. i
can only work hard as i am.
anyways, that stinks that the sports scene is lame. we get a little NFL update
from a guy, he had the game on when we went in. it was fun. who knew the
cardinals would be so good. i have been thinking about one sports thing though,
and i know it is a year away. but the winter olympics will be on when i'm out
here. i have been thinking of ways that you guys can record that for me...
nothin yet. so i am putting you all on a mission to make sure that those get
recorded so i can see them. it will be hard, but it will be worth it.
Thank you for saying that i'm a good example. i mean i guess that is what i have
been trying to be, i just had never known people were watching. i'm glad that i
did do good enough though, that someone noticed. they always say that people are
watching, i just hope they remember me there and here for being a good nice
young man. i try my best. thank you for your support though and your example to
me. i love you and hope you are all having a good time and fun. especailly with
the dogs.
Love Elder NIck Novakovich

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pushed out of bed

I went to go let the dog out this morning. She ran back in and saw fit to take my place in the bed. Anyone want a dog?

Snow load

This is what is left of the carport. The good news was that the tarp wasn't blowing in the wind with the snow left on it. The bad news is that the tarp will never blow in the wind again.
This is what happens when you get bored kids. With all the snow days we are having trouble coming up with things to do. So we got out the glow sticks they got for christmas and wrote out our names putting the camera on a tripod. It was pretty fun.

New Year

We had a very enjoyable new year except for all of the snow. The kids started off Christmas break with an extra two days because the school was cancelled for snow. Today it was cancelled again because of another snow storm. We have had 70 inches of snow in 3 weeks.

Mission News

hey mom-well the good news is i'm staying in yarmouth for another six weeks. we got the call last night. elder Cosman was released as district leader and nothing else really exciting happened so yeah i'm still here.anyways, i talked to a guy in our branch about Pres. Blakney and he is about the same age as you, so i think it was him. I will ask him though if i ever see him or talk to him. it sounds like a lot of people are home for christmas which is fun. that would be the easier thing about college is you get to do what you want when you want. the tough thing about being a missionary is having to follow all of the rules. but i'm getting better at it, and letting my addictions to tv and xbox go, as hard as that is to do. lol. that is pretty crazy that Hans is in the field now, the time is absolutely flying by for me. i am no longer a greenie, so i am off of the training part of my mission. so that is cool. nothin too different about it though. not too much has happened this week. well we did talk to a british guy on the street yesterday, and he was so funny saying all the lingo like smashing, and groovy. i loved it, we both laughed after we talked to him. we invited him to church so we shall see if he will come. i'm still really excited about this area, but it is tough sometimes to still understand that it is all up to the lord. the good thing though, is that if i do my best he will bless me. maybe not on my mission exactly, but when i have a family and married and at college and what not. So i still try and do my best and do what he wants me to do.That is very good news for jaren and his knee. hopefully he can stay not injured for the rest of the season and hopefully his career!! it sounds like they are all doing well though. it just choked me up on the phone to hear all of your voices and such, the kids sound so grown up. especially zoe and darbi. we had fun last night, we stopped by a non members house and got to play the wii for a little bit. they are a super sweet family, we are just hoping they will have their interest in teh gospel sparked. there are a lot of good people here. we have found a few families just in about two days. so i'm excited to teach them and hopefully go somewhere with them. sounds like dad was having some fun with the computer. good thing he fixed it though. computers these days are so difficult. well i'm doing great and have really found a new excitement to be here over the past couple of days. i don't really know why, i'm just trying to follow the example of some missionaries in the Book of Mormon. i'm hopin to be a great missionary for the Lord.well i love you all and hope that you have a good new year and work hard this year. i will be. tell the kids to keep up the good work and have fun while they can without me. cause when i get home i will want to spend all the time with them. so anyways they still have about 20 months... well mom i love you and thank you for the emails and support and love. Love always Elder Nick Novakovich