Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Visit

Mission story

Two Sundays ago a young guy (24) came to church. None of us knew who he was and after sacrament meeting he came up to me and elder burbank and just started crying and telling us he was very upset. so we sent him to the bishop to talk. in our next class about 25 min later. the bishop came in and asked for two elders. immediately i jumped up and went. i had no idea why i moved so fast but i got right up and went with him. he took us to this young man. i got to sit in and teach him about the gospel and how it brings happiness. the cool thing, was this, saturday night he was at the bridge and about to comit suicide. but he could not do it, so he went home very upset and told God "send me happiness or let me die" he fell asleep and then in the morning he felt the prompting to come to our church. he had never been before, but he came anyways. so i got to teach him and now he has been coming to church and learning about the gospel. i got the amazing opportunity to teach him how the gospel can change our life and bring us happinness like we have never experienced. i told him he would find true joy in this gospel. it was way cool. it was a testimony builder to me that the gospel is true and the Lord does answer prayers and watch out for his children.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mission Mail

wow.... that is all i have to say about that cliff diving experience. wow. that could have been bad. i remember when levi almost did that. man, i was so scared blair was going to die. man, that must have hurt. but man, what can i say, words cannot describe how amazing the past two days have been for me. we got to go to Halifax for zone council. when we got there we went to the temple, it felt so amazing to be back in the house of the lord. and to be able to sit and reminisce in the celestial room on my mission thus far and what i still want to accomplish. words cannot tell you about the spirit i felt there. i love the temple with all my heart. after our session we had the amazing opportunity to sit in the temple and learn about missionary work. it was amazing. the rate of learning in the temple, and the way the spirit teaches you is amazing. i cant tell you how much i loved it. then we had the meetings, and the spirit was so strong as we discussed the needs of the mission and what we need to do to help it progress. president simpson has such an amazing persona about him. he has a goal for us to baptize 600 people in a year as a mission. it is a huge goal but it is so possible if we can change the attitude of the mission and develop the faith. it is tough right now cause all the missionaries see the gaol and then think. oh he is new he doesnt understand taht our mission doesnt baptize much. it is really frustrating to us as leaders. but we are going to try and lead by example. i got to talk to elder gray, and he has been talking to the aps and i might get to serve with him for his last transfer in november. he is my best friend in this mission, and im going to struggle with seeing him go so soon. he is he man. well that has been really all that is new with me. i loved the past few days, and have developed such a love for my mission and being here. i love it so much out here. i was really struggling with the fact that i was in this mission. but as i studied my patriarchal blessing and took that question to the temple. i know this is where the Lord wants me, he needs me here to make a difference in someones life. well i hope you continue to have fun and do well with work. i love you all and pray for you every night.

love your son,
Elder Nick Novakovich

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How NOT to cliff dive.

First came tubing fun, and boy was it run. Now, from the creators of tubing fun comes cliff diving fun.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We spent the day with our good friends out on Lake Roosevelt for the 4th of July. The food was good, the water rough, the tubing wild, the drinks cold and the company great.

Tube Fun