Friday, February 27, 2009


hey dad,You would not believe the people here. They are so funny, just in the way they are and the way they talk. i laugh all the time, well at least once we are done talking to them. it is funny because when we talk to them they ask where we are from. we truly do stick out here. We actually were invited to an Anglican dinner last night, and oh boy you should have seen the looks we were gettin from people. It is funny how the tags, white shirts, and ties make you stick out to people. literally every time i looked up i caught people starrin at us. i just laughed. time is flyin here!!!! that much i do know, it is crazy that jordan is ready to go and justin fiestner is almost home!! holy cow. and i am almost a 1/4 done with my mission, that is such a scary thought. i will tell you though, i have not left any regrets. i can say that i have been workin my hardest and making the most of my time here. it has really sunk in to me that this is one shot i get at two years to serve the Lord. So i have been giving it my all and trying to do my best. Sounds like you had some fun at the campout. good ol' plumb cookin, lol. Good times on the winter campouts i had as a scout, i think those were some of my funnest ones. but i'm sure when we are younger they can be more enjoyable eh? it is funny, we are constantly around the ZL's here, cause they are 20 minutes away so we have every DA with them and also spend the night on p-days so we can hang out with them. but me and Elder Gray were talking last night about march madness and how we are going to miss it this year. i have been amazed at how i have not been that effected by sports while on my mission. i guess it is just a blessing of the Lord for my workin hard. I understand that you had to keep this one short, i just picture mom standing there giving you the look to get off the computer. she is a funny lady but i love her. does she still have taht missionary bear? she is just too funny. well dad, things are going great for me and i can say that i have seen some growth in myself. although at times it is hard, but then i pray that Heavenly Father will help me. i do find myself thinkin at times about the person i want to be and how i just want to be one of the great returned missionaries who when they get back you can tell they gave it all. i have tried so far and yes i slip sometimes, but i decided that the best missionaries are the ones that pick themselves out of the ruts quickly and get back to work. That is what I have tried to do so far. i really love being here and i love seeing the gospel work in peoples lives. even though i haven't had a baptism yet, or really even been close. i just dont know the ripple effect i might have, so i work hard all the time. anyways, enough ramblin by me. i love you dad and thank you for all the support you give me. i love you. Love Elder Nick Novakovich

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

St. Johns, Newfoundland

Hey I'm sorry but i'm just going to send you all one giant email this week. Why? because we are having a huge storm today and the entire city is shut down, so four of us are here sharing two computers. anyways, please give this to dad and jaren. so the new area of ST. John's is way weird to me. not only the people but it is the biggest city in newfoundland and a pretty big city so that is nice. it was just strange coming from yarmouth. my new companion is Elder Roskelley he is from huntsville utah. he has been out only 3 months longer than i have. I am right on the coast again, it is pretty neat though. i'm as far east as you can possibly go on this continent!! i thought that was pretty cool. so i'm hoping to see at least one polar bear, i hear it is rare but sometimes they float in the harbor on glaciers. which are very popular here. i am staying warm although it is pretty cold and lots of snow!!as far as the package you sent me, i kept all the necesities but gave out most of the food to the ap's and other elders who were not going to the rock. i did get to keep a lot of it though so don't worry about that one. thank you for the package. president jacobsen usually keeps missionaries on the rock for at least 6 months just because it is so expensive to get here. so i will be here for a while. it is a branch out here with about 55 members, but we have a nice church building just a mini version of the one in liberty lake. Good luck with you marathon you are going to run, i will pray for you lol. that is funny that carli cannot graduate yet. and tell all the kids good luck in all that they do and keep having fun. DAD-yes we now have a newfy in the family. you would not believe how hard it is to understand these people. some are worse than others,but they have so many funny sayings. i have picked up on a few but they all talk so fast and slur their words. lol. that is a pretty cool missionary opportunity you got to have with that lady. it just goes to show how much our examples as members of the church can affect people. i have found that being an example is the best way to introduce people. that would be way sweet if she let the missionaries come by and teach her a bit. Sounds exciting that you might be getting a new part time job, i hope that works out for you and everything goes better than the previous times. as for hawaii i hope you think of me while i'm here in newfoundland, in snow up to my eyeballs!! mean while you will be on the beach, lol. i don't really care. honestly i think i would rather be here right now. i love it here. i found it hard the first few days, but i'm in the swing of things now so life is good. as for you rubiks cube skills i can't wait to get home and race you and jaren. i was unable to buy one out here just because we have to keep our bags under 50 pounds for when we leave, and i want to make sure i get some sweet stuff from this sweet place. i really love it!!!well fam, i love you all and sorry this one was quick. oh and please send lexi my apologies tell her i was rushed this week but i will send her a letter. love elder NIck Novakovich

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mission Transfer

hey dad,
well i don't know if mom has told you or not but i'm going to ST. John's
Newfoundland. my new companion is Elder Roskelly. he is from utah. i'm still
going to be junior companion. but President Jacobsen did ask me at zone
conference if i would be a senior companion. so i was a little disappointed that
i wasn't one this transfer but i settled down and it doesn't matter at all
really. i will tell you i was a little shocked though that i was going to
newfoundland. my comp now laughed and laughed, just because newfoundland is such
a strange place. all the people are wack, but i hear they are the nicest you
will ever meet. i'm so excited and i'm determined to baptize there. the areas
are all about you attitude and i'm going to be positive and work as hard as i
can. it is pretty crazy though how time is going by. i thought about it last
night and after this transfer i will have been out for 6 months, a quarter of my
mission!! i told mom i don't want this to ever stop. i just find it so cool that
i have been set apart by the Lord and he is using me as a tool in his hands. i
just love being a missionary and even though times do get rough, i would never
trade what i have experienced so far for anything. i will have to tell you the
details when i get to my new area, i am going to try and get you all the mailing
address on friday, and then i will answer anymore questions you guys might have.
as for this week the email will have to be short becuase we have a ton to do
today and we have to travel to the mission home. i'm doing great though, and am
excited to start the next chapter of my mission. i love it dad. thank you for
all you do for me. i love you. Be sure and let everyone know not to send mail to my old mailing address.
your son,
Elder Nick Novakovich