Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Missionary Mail

mom and dad-
writing emails to you is always a tough thing for me. mainly because when i read your emails i always think of things to tell you about, but then i keep reading and by the time i get to writing my email i have forgotten all i wanted to say. so sorry if i don't answer all of your questions and what not. as for me i am doing really well, that is a miracle that you say you have been fasting and praying for people to teach. because i have seen the hand of the Lord at work. This past few months i have been the busiest with teaching ever. So there is a testimony builder for you. we have 2-3 people that are going to be baptized in the next month or so. i am really excited about it all. things are going so well so thank you for your prayers. We have had a busy week this week, i have been on exchanges all week, or will be all week. until Friday then we have a big mission meeting where salt lake is sending people out to train us and see how our mission is doing so that should be fun. then conference on the weekend, i'm super stoked!! i love it so much. it is sweet, i really can't get enough of it since I've been on my mission. i might get to go serve in yarmouth again soon. President knows i want to go back. so as for transfers, they are next week and there is no telling what is going to happen with me. i would kind of like to go but there is so much good happening here right now. i was talking to an elder yesterday about going home, and it is crazy that i only have 4 transfers left. and the 4 i will know where i'm being transferred. Spokane Washington!!!That is so sweet that the kids got to go to the temple. I am dying so badly to go!!! i miss it so much, i have set a goal to go once a week when i get home. i love it so much there. it's a great blessing for us to have one so close!!! It is amazing how blessed we are to live in a place where the church is strong. it's so different out here. That is crazy that next September or so you will have three kids going to university. man, can you say old? lol just kidding. that will be fun though. that is good that you are working on the house, i can't wait to see all the changes. as for march madness you know the year is a bust when McKenzie weeks wins. wow!! lol. i didn't hear much about it this year anyways, it's so non existent here. So what is this i hear about zoe wanting to be published? she is obviously the genius of the family! she never ceases to amaze me. well now is the point where i have totally forgotten things i wanted to ask or comment on, i'm drawing blanks. so i guess i will remember some time. i better get going though, tell everyone hi and i love them. mom i tried to remember the lady that worked at the high school and i couldn't think for sure. sorry. but have a great week. love you. i'll be waiting for my package.

your son,elder nick novakovich

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the home stretch

mom and dad-

so this has been quite the week. i don't know where to start, maybe the beginning of the week. I think i told you about Ruth who was committed to be baptized at the end of this month. well sunday she called up the family who was fellowshipping and told them she doesn't want to meet with us anymore. she returned all of her stuff and said no thank you. i about cried, when bro, campbell called and told me i was in shock. it sucked big time. but i guess i have to move on. this week i have also got a lot of answers to what i should do when i get home and how to handle it all. i'm not going to come home early, so yes mom my release date is September 24, 2010. i have known that for about a year, i just never told so that is a friday and we usually get home that friday night. but don't get too excited. haha. then yesterday we had a zone conference that was really fun, i always enjoy them. one of my favorite things to do is zone conference. and now we are to today, p-day, always a good day. so yeah, it's been crazy but things are still good. sounds like everyone back home has their hands full between dogs and track. that is funny that boomer is pissed about the sock, you would think he is a human or something the way he prances around. dweeb. i'll rough him up when i get home. it is weird to think that i'll be home before the summer ends. it seems like just yesterday that we were driving down to utah in the Jetta. It's crazy how time flies. That does stink that i'll miss uncle blair and his family again. i'm sure they will come around soon enough with the gospel. you just never know. the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. How are darbi and zoe doing? i haven't heard from my two favorite sisters in while. I bet zoe is keeping your hands full. it's weird to me to think that she is going to be 12 this year, i still think of her as a little girl. crazy. and darbi is almost 16 HOLY SMOKES!!! I remember being 16. now i feel old. man this but i won't try and imagine how old it makes you two feel...see i'm across the continent so i can take stabs at your age. haha. well i better go for the week, know that i'm happy and doing well. i truly love it out here with all my heart, i love the gospel it's true. have a great week. your son,

elder nick novakovich

p.s. tell the reed's i did get their letter. and thank you. i've gotten a lot of mail lately like 6 letters in 4 days. it's nice