Thursday, August 20, 2009

Late mission mail

hey mom and dad-well all i can say is man that sucks!!! i was sitting here remembering those days of painting the super 1's and i almost cried. in fact i assumed the fetal position here on the floor. lol. just kiddin. but you are right it is work, and a blessing. that sucks about adam though. satan is workin his hardest and that is something i have seen a lot of is that he definately knows when people are on the right track and then pounds them with adversity. it makes my job tough. as for the mariners....they are a joke. It is so nuts that i have almost been out one year!!! half way done. holy cow. i was thinking about that this time last year we were getting all prepared and that fun stuff. it just seems so surreal to me. the time has been flying by. it is good and bad. i absolutely love it out here. and i think i will have a hard time coming home. oh and sorry mom but DO NOT PICK ME UP!!! I REPEAT DO NOT PICK ME UP!!!! i want to come home on the plane and see everyone waiting for me in the airport. i have always dreamed it would be that way and i only get to do it once. so just let me come home. and plus that is a year away, so don't get trunky yet mom. lol. that is good that you got my pic cd. what kind of pictures would you guys like me to take? send some requests and i will see what i can do. i have some funny ones here. My companion. Elder RHoades is from Lindon utah and has been out for 19 months. he is so cool. he was originally assigned to the croatia mission but it closed because of the civil war over there. so he got sent here. it is such a sad story for him. it kills me every time someone asks him about it. he is really cool though, we get along and have some fun. he is different from my other comps though. he doesn't do much with sports and taht kinda stuff. he is cool though. i love serving with him. thank you for the box, i will be looking forward to that. sounds like some fun. It sounds lke the kids had fun on their treak which is good to hear. and no i don't thinki would do it again. i might if cause i could be more prepared, but it would depend i would go with people i wanted to go with, not if it was just luck of the draw again. sometimes those stake youth activities can be sketchy. lol. As for me here, we continue to work our butts off in the freakin humid weather. it has been around 30 lately with about 70% humidity. it is terrible, i have had to come in and change a few times. yeah i know i thought i was in canada as well. oh but today i'm writing you from Houlton Maine baby!!!!! we are in america for the day so that is exciting. the work in Fredericton is really slow. we can't seem to find people who want to hear about the gospel but elder rhoades and i both know they are out there we just need to continue to work and put ourselves in the position for the Lord to bless us. WEll i hope all goes well this week and you continue to have fun. i love you all.

Elder Nick Novakovich